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Pyrolysis is the thermochemical decomposition of large organic molecules which takes place during heating in an oxygen-free environment.
Pyrolysis splits the pellet (wood or other wood biomass) into two components, syngas (excellent fuel gas which develops a strong flame that both heats and lights) and biochar (solid charcoal residual which generates further warmth after the flame dies down until it goes out completely; excellent as fertilizer for vegetable gardens or pot plants and flowers).
Unlike the combustion in traditional woodburners and fireplaces, pyrolysis optimizes combustion so that it generates a flame almost completely free from harmful emissions.

*BIOCHAR: The byproduct of pyrolysis (90% carbon) is a powerful soil improver, which is also perfect for organic crops. Its great porosity increases the retention of water and nutritional elements which remain available to plants for longer; it also improves the structure of the soil and its mechanical properties, thus reducing the need for water and fertilizers.

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